Saturday, September 19, 2009

Aiden is a little over a month in this picture (all the photos are AGAIN uncle Eric's doing, thank God SOMEONE remembers a the way, he's all geared up if anyone is looking for someone to do family portraits, etc- just give me a call and I'll give you his information!). But NOW, my oldest is about to turn 2 in November and Aiden is almost 10 weeks, which means I HAVE to go back to work (Oct 5). I am having so much fun with them. I posted a few pictures of our family vacation to Twin Lakes (Washington) with Adam's family. We also had a blast spending a week on the Oregon Coast (no picture however, those are still on my camera...laziness!!) with my family.
If Adam had the strength, I'd ask him to throw me up too, it looks like so much fun...AJ would have him do this all day long.

After a long day at the beach, we all enjoyed slothing out on the couch...AJ looks GINORMOUS in this shot!

We LOVE our bike seat...we'll be getting #2 once Aiden can hold his upright.

Swimming is sooo much work...."this is much better mom!"

AJ strutting his stuff for all the ladies on the beach...he reminds of the old men at Coeur d'Alene who insist on pacing up and down the beach in their speedos. AJ is much more fun to look at!

Despite this intense glare, Aiden smiles all the time now. It melts my heart everytime I see his face soften into little baby giggles. He's got a little dimple on his upper right lip when he smiles. I'll have to upload the pictures from our camera. We have toned downed the picture taking since AJ, but Aiden still is making quite a dent in our camera's memory space

This is Aiden at a month- happy to report that the baby acne has since cleared up...


The Boggs Family said...

What adorable little guys you have! Ok seriously, AJ has the most dreamy eyes & lashes! Watch out girls!! :) I want to see the pics of Aiden's smiles! :) (did I just spell his name wrong - apologies if so, am afraid I will restart my comment if I go back a page to check) hah. Now who's the lazy one, eh? JK!!! Isn't it funny how many pics we take of our firsts, then less with the 2nd - even if it still feels like we have a ton on our computers? Hope you can enjoy these last few weeks home with your adorable boys! Miss you guys & glad you are doing well. :) P.S. Laughed out loud at your west side/itsy-bitsy-spider comment below that pic of AJ in your earlier post. That was hysterical! :)

Keith and Meghan said...

I love the strates.

Sue N. said...

Thank so much for the updated pictures of the boys. You know me, I love to look at babies! Looking forward to seeing some baby van Anrooy pictures in January! Sue

Troy, Jenny and Myles said...

Sooooo good to see some new pics. I can't believe AJ! ALL of those pictures are unbelievable. I rank your blog #1 for most entertaining. Just mere picture of the two yahoos makes for curling up with a bowl of popcorn! Makes me miss you like crazy even more than I already do. Keep the pics coming. I love the one of Adam throwing AJ up at the lake. He schools Troy in that arena. Myles gets about 1/3 the height of AJ! LOVE YOU!

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